Name: Benjamin Woodruff Schneider

Woody in Samarqand Uzbekistan

Woody in Samarqand Uzbekistan

Alma Mater: Brown University
Year: Ox
Profession: Consultant, Writer, Developer, Explorer.
Location: Unknown

Personnel Breifing:

Benjamin Woodruff Schneider began operating under the pseudonym “Woody” since shortly after he was from his mother’s womb untimly ripped. Though there is some disagreement among our sources, we believe his father’s great love of Woody Guthrie may have had something to do with it.

Woody spent his youth surrounded by corn, soybeans, and the invigorating scent of hogs, in rural Iowa. He reportedly gave the closing remarks at his high school graduation before heading off to do a short stint at Bates College in Maine. He left Bates after a year, and despite no knowlege of the local language enrolled in the Philological program at St. Petersburg State University. Severely emboldened by his experiences in the post Soviet world, and vowing to later return, Woody made his way to Brown University, in Providence Rhode Island, and declared a concentration in Physics.

During his time at Brown, Woody became fascinated with communication, technology, economics, geography and the way these factors are shaping our ever shrinking and increasingly networked world.

And thus, as graduation drew nearer, Woody found himself in the depths of planning a vast bicycling trip across Asia. The trip would of course need an online component, so it was that AsiaWheeling was born. For the first trip, he partnered up with Scott Norton and a small team of advisers to execute a mission that was one part Jules Verne and one part Hunter S Thompson.  Woody and Scott considered the trip a great success, and a marked growth in readership of the blog seemed reason enough for the two to vow a revisit to the concept once time and capital allowed.

And just such a time came, not even two years later, Woody chose to put his career as a management consultant on hold and join Scott to tackle AsiaWheeling with their full attention. The resulting trip was nearly a year long, 23 countries, over 100 cities, and nearly 12,000 miles ridden on folding bikes (for further briefing on AsiaWheeling Global Enterprises and it’s roll in today’s marketplace, please visit the site).

Since returning from the trip, information on Woody begins to deteriorate. Sources speculate he is residing in either Denver CO, San Francisco CA, or somewhere in rural Iowa. Though he has been spotted in New Orleans and Boston as well. We believe he is supporting himself by providing some type of software development and IT consulting services for various entities both in the US and abroad. We plan to expand this breifing as new information becomes available.



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