My second creation. Rampant Evolution. Some orders of magnitude more complex than the Ukulele stuff. 7 mind blowing minutes of Grinnell Gangster Rap. Danger! this song is dance-fectious. Not recommended for those with knee problems.


My most recent dish. I use only the freshest emcee’s, sickest rhymes, and most poisonous beats. A piping hot, well seasoned collaboration with that original fugitive from justice, Stig-Motta. Enhanced with duck grease.

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Original Iowa Brewed Hip Hop

Ukulele Pop

This is the first bomb I dropped on the city. Needless to say, it burned some curtains and shattered some glass. Be sure to give special consideration to the wicked uke solo, old school low-fi mic noise, and the savage 3-dimensional killer bee simulation at the end.

No Better No Worse

I’ve lost my mind, on a rampage. Some strange medical experiment... believe me, I didn’t mean to cause all then destruction...