Completed (or hibernating) Projects


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In the meantime...

    I costarred in this short film for the ivy film festival’s 48 hour film contest. That means the film had to be written, shot*, edited and scored in 48 hours. I feel compelled to add, we won the Grand Prize. No brag; just fact.
    *Beware, this one is pretty violent.
Equation 6
Written and directed by myself and my good friend Adam Coster, this was a kind of final project as I ended my time at Grinnell high-school.
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This was my solo back when I was in the Bates College A Cappella group, The Deansmen.
Me and Dad
These are recordings from my father and my forays into live folk music performance during the summer after my senior year in high school. The recordings themselves are  from a performance at the local coffee shop, Saint’s Rest. I include the map mostly because I think it does a good job of illustrating how small Grin City is.