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This was inspired by my terrible experiences with the classical mechanics book by Thornton and Marion. Though looking at it now, I think the equations smack more of E&M...



This was a fictional resume which I posted on craigslist. An odd character to be sure. Stranger still... it actually got a few replies!

Wiltmore Resume

The Banya

This is a recount of a visit to an intense Russian bathhouse. This took place in 2005 while I was living in St. Petersburg Russia. It features David Miller, famous for, among other things, taking the photo on the front-page of this site.

Here’s a piece composed entirely of definitions.

Triple Anagram

This is a Oulipo writing algorithm/cut-up method re-jumble. The first paragraph’s sentences are re-ordered to make the second paragraph, whose words are re-ordered to make the third, whose letters are re-ordered to make the fourth.

I wrote this story for a creative non-fiction class. It’s short and about coffee.

Coffee Short

This is my attempt to capture what it was like to grow up within the insane culture of a small middle-school in in the tiny town of Grinnell, Iowa.

24 hours of found text.


Sulfur and Mt. Dew

This was when I was reading a ton of Vonnegut. Sometimes I think I can hear the influence in the prose.

The Room

Mr. Bishop

I wrote this while I was living in the servant’s quarters of an old mansion which had been rolled up college hill in Providence on cannon-balls hundreds of years ago. My landlord’s name was Mr. Bishop. Pure Coincidence.

A vast travel blog, written primarily by me (with some important entries by Scott Norton). It was a journey from south India to South Korea by way of far western China. Currently the most savage thing I have ever done; also some of my favorite writing.